I tramp a perpetual journey

-Walt Whitman

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The Math(s) Fix by Conrad Wolfram

[Book Review]

World Class: One Mother’s Journey Halfway Around the Globe in Search of the Best Education for Her Children by Teru Clavel [Book Review]

Note: The publisher sent me a copy for review, but all opinions are my own.Originally published on 9 August 2019 Comparing education systems is a well explored topic. However, author Teru Clavel’s book is fresh because it is also a memoir of her own and her family’s experiences in different countries and schools, a parent’s…

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8 Habits of Dialogical Teachers

“A dialogical classroom is one in which literacy is used to immerse teacher and students in an ongoing reflective conversation with the texts of their lives.” -Bob Fecho Because a dialogical classroom is #goals. Dialogical, Dialogic, Dialogue: Conversation. Originally published 18 November 2016 Answer each question with a question.Read lots and lots of theory. Because…

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One Year Teaching in Desperation

Originally published 17 May 2016 I’m sure we all have moments where we collapse at the end of the day, feeling like we’ve been run over in a stampede. I question myself — did that make even the slightest difference today? Are they learning anything? That was me almost every day this year. Now that…

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For My Friend & Mentor

Originally published 15 July 2015 After being on a bit of maternity leave, then moving away for a while so my husband could complete his JD/MBA, I was back home and ran into a teaching colleague from my first couple of years teaching at a middle school. We spent a few minutes catching up, and…

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this is just to say

Originally published 18 January 2012 As a teacher, have you ever had a bad day? It seems a bit silly to ask that question, since it happens to all of us–when you have a hard time making transitions between activities, when you stumble over your words, or when your class is just out of control.…

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Daydreaming Teacher

Originally published April 2011 On the dreary days at school when the air is still and students are sleepy I wonder what would make today better?   If a bird flew in the window! sending students in a craze feathers and pencils flying.   If I found a fifty dollar bill on the ledge outside…

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