Daydreaming Teacher

Originally published April 2011

On the dreary days at school

when the air is still
and students are sleepy
I wonder
what would make today better?  

If a bird flew in the window!
sending students in a craze
feathers and pencils flying.  

If I found a fifty dollar bill
on the ledge outside my window!
“Happy weekend”
Ulysses S. Grant would say.  

If the plant on the windowsill in the corner
started to grow candy!
as quick as we could pick it.
Chocolate, preferably.  

If all the missing books
from my now meager classroom library
magically appeared back on the shelf!
Oh, the stories they would tell.  

If I could whistle like Cinderella
my students scurrying like mice
washing the whiteboard clean!
with a song on their lips.  

If Mario Batali did the catering
for school lunch.
No PB & J today!  

If the cloning project for the science fair
was a success!
and the others of me
insisted on finishing ALL my grading.  

See? Teachers can daydream too.  

-Whitney Sorensen, April 2011

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