Performance in ELA: Haunted by Hamlet and Performing Poetry

Originally published 13 August 2018 PART 1— “Though this be madness, yet there [should be] method in’t.” The end of the semester was in sight— a mere two and a half weeks away, when a randomly scheduled PLC made me catch my breath. I came out of the library and headed down the hall toContinue reading “Performance in ELA: Haunted by Hamlet and Performing Poetry”

8 Habits of Dialogical Teachers

“A dialogical classroom is one in which literacy is used to immerse teacher and students in an ongoing reflective conversation with the texts of their lives.” -Bob Fecho Because a dialogical classroom is #goals. Dialogical, Dialogic, Dialogue: Conversation. Originally published 18 November 2016 Answer each question with a question. Read lots and lots of theory.Continue reading “8 Habits of Dialogical Teachers”

Beginnings & Engaging with Works of Art: My Week with Lincoln Center Education & Teachers College, Columbia University

Originally published 24 October 2016 I cannot even begin to unpack all the things I learned in my week with Lincoln Center Education—my first week this summer in the MA English Education program at Teachers College. Each day after class I would go home to the small apartment I rented with a few other girlsContinue reading “Beginnings & Engaging with Works of Art: My Week with Lincoln Center Education & Teachers College, Columbia University”

One Year Teaching in Desperation

Originally published 17 May 2016 I’m sure we all have moments where we collapse at the end of the day, feeling like we’ve been run over in a stampede. I question myself — did that make even the slightest difference today? Are they learning anything? That was me almost every day this year. Now thatContinue reading “One Year Teaching in Desperation”

Teaching Anne Frank in 8th Grade: Silence & Speaking Out

Originally published 11 June 2011 A couple of weeks ago I had a feeling of incompleteness with regards to the upcoming Anne Frank unit in my English classes (we’re reading the play). How could I get students to connect with Anne Frank, and see her story as a meaningful text to study in today’s world?Continue reading “Teaching Anne Frank in 8th Grade: Silence & Speaking Out”